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Niger Blossom Drilling Company Limited. is a major provider of global onshore contract drilling services. Our strategic focus is and has been on building our onshore drilling fleet. We continue to look for ways to expand our onshore fleet by adding to our strong position in high-end Hydraulic Workover Units, Snubbing Rigs and into Mobile Drilling/Workover Rigs. NigerBlossom recently entered the Rig Sector with three high-specification Mobile Trailer Mounted Rigs, 1000HP Rig 101, 750HP Rig 102 and 550HP Rig 103.

With our exceptional team of employees and strong operational reputation, our market leading position in high-quality equipment, and our balance sheet strength and liquidity to pursue our expansion strategy, NigerBlossom is designed for success and prepared to face the challenges and opportunities that lies ahead.


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